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I'm blogging for the first time and I thought to myself "hmm... what topics or tips should I give?!" And then it dawned on me that most people when they come in to see me in the fall/winter time usually have opted out of caring for their natural, hair and just resorted to putting a hat on over their hair or wig. Which I too have been guilty of but later paid for it. So I carve out time to nurture and care for my natural hair now. I can't tell you exactly how often and when you should, but I will suggest that you find time to pencil in adding this to "self-care time." So I'd like to share 6 tips with you guys that may also help you to

repair damaged hair when you don't have time to get into the salon often to see me. Don't cry or panic... I have your hairs back. Lol! The following winter hair care tips should help:


Don't comb or brush your hair harshly while dry. Detangling hair and fraying it up any debris tangles and such should always be done first. Remember, always come from the bottom up. Your hair is more brittle in , and will surely shed more and possibly brake some from the harshness. Trust me your hair will thank you later. Now, these are rules that most of us learned at a much younger age but she's still be applied today.


It's essential to healthy hair growth. A lot of times I asked "how often should one deep condition?!" And I say every 3 to 4 wks, but it really depends on when your time permits, and how important it is to you to carve out time. This is one of the most important tips!


Select a protective hairstyles that still allows you to nurture your scalp with the proper nutrients, hairstyles, such as: Microlinks I-Tips, K-Tips, Braidless Sew-ins are great styles.


now, who is a tip that some mayor may not often think about but if you're anything like me and you're not the biggest fan of tying your hair up with a scarf or a bonet consider silk pillowcases. We may not notice it, but constantly turning and tossing in our sleep, can make for hair breakage, damage and frizz. I'm more than most cases using silk pillowcases, help to alleviate these issues.


Another tip and I don't want anyone running for the hills when I say this one! Lol! Trims are absolutely necessary. Sometimes it's hard to let go of what seems like long hair even though we notice the thinning, hollowness, and fried ends, but those split hairs and dead-ends will need to be cut in order to see the healthier hair. If you regularly trim in the winter months then I'm sure you'll see healthy year-round and a lot of hair growth.


I know flat irons are more than most of the time our quick go to, but he can have a long lasting damage on your hair when excessively used often or incorrectly. So instead, you can do things like wrap your hair or pin, curl your hair at night, allowing the in shape to form while you sleep.

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